Drainage Problems Resolved has been fixing water drainage problems for over 34 years. We have extensive experience in this space as well as general building and construction areas.

Being fully licensed and insured we ensure that your drainage issues are resolved saving you ongoing repairs and fixing the underlying issues.

This is what some of our clients have to say about our services:


We had flooding issues at the back of our house costing us hundreds in repairs for small fixes that didn’t work. Ian installed a new drainage system and all the problems have been fixed. I used to get stressed when it rained because of the issues but now I just smile because I know we won’t have any more problems.
— Michele, Avalon Beach

We had a bed room with constant mould growing on the walls & ceiling no matter how much we cleaned it off.
Our son had asthma and an eczema rash that would not heal.
Since Ian fixed the damp issues, the mould is gone and our son’s symptoms have cleared up.
— Chris, Northern Beaches